Our passengers’ safety has always been of utmost importance to us. For years, we have been investing and working hard in innovation to provide the best possible services and safety standard to our clients.


Some of the options that we offer, and which increase the security and confort standards of our services are:


  • Structural resistance to overturning safety (according to UN regulation ECE R 66.01).
  • Safety belts in all seats (according to the UN ECE Regulations R16 and R14)..
  • Seats in accordance with the energy absorption requirements of Royal Decree 443/2001.
  • Pneumatic suspension.
  • Electronic stability-trajectory program ESP.
  • Anti-lock braking system ABS.
  • Electronic distribution of the braking force EBV.
  • BDS emergency brake booster.


  • Start blocking system while doors are open.
  • Front and rear fog lamps, following the Regulation (UN ECE R19 or Directive 76/762).
  • Reversing buzzer.
  • Night vision rear camera with rear and rear door.
  • Start blockage by the driver if motor covers are open.
  • Regulation 443/2001 for school transport and under-age Children transportation.
  • Workshops in property: Chapín Industrial Vehicles Workshops allows for an exhaustive maintenance and an agile repair of our fleet. We have two vehicle-workshops, for on-road assistance, capable of attending and solving any breakdowns or mechanical incidents outside of our facilities.
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