11 qualities of a good school bus service

October 30 2019
11 qualities of a good school bus service

11 qualities of a good school bus service. We already know that the most important thing is the safety of our children and for this reason in Chapín we have the best bus fleet in the Community of Madrid. It is very important that parents know and ask for service companies to comply with the established norms.

  1. Under no circumstances buses can be older than 16 years.
  2. They must be marked with the school transport sign at the front and the back of the bus, in addition to the name of the Center and route number.
  3. Buses must pass an annual technical inspection if they are less than 5 years old, and semiannually if they exceed this age. In addition, you must have insurance that covers civil liability for damages (R.C) and mandatory passenger insurance (S.O.V.I), in the case of R.D. 443/2001, the policy must have an amount of 50,000,000 euros coverage.
  4. The floor of the coach cannot be sliding, and the edges of the ladder must be brightly colored.
  5. Seat belts in all seats (according to regulations UN ECE R16 and R14 or Directives 77/541 and 76/115), and as it is for school transportation, the belts have to be with 2 points anchoring and not three in order to avoid damage due to height of the minor.
  6. The doors must have bars to facilitate both the ascent and descent from the vehicle.
  7. Seats located in front of the stairwells must have a fixed protection element.
  8. The maximum duration of travel time in each direction should not exceed sixty minutes.
  9. It is important that the company has an app that allows parents to know how long it takes for the bus to arrive.
  10.  The company that provides the bus rental service must have the latest quality and safety systems such as OHSAS 18001, ISO 39001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and EN 13816.
  11. And above all, it is very important that the service provider has the best drivers of the Community of Madrid amongst its employees.


Chapín Group has a service for many public and private colleges, institutes and universities in the Community of Madrid.

You can request a quote for the rental of buses or coaches in the Community of Madrid at the following link: https://grupochapin.com/en/request-a-quote/

More information from the Association of Bus Transport Businessmen of Madrid here https://www.aetram.es 


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