The tachograph is impenetrable

March 09 2020
El Tacógrafo es inviolable

A security element for users and drivers. The tachograph is impenetrable.


The tachograph is an electronic device that records distance traveled, speed, driver rest or interruptions. It is undoubtedly an indispensable element in coaches and a basic element for day-to-day transporters. The digital tachograph was implanted on January 1, 2006 in a mandatory manner for all vehicles whose weight exceeds 3,500 kg or vehicles that can transport 9 or more people, including the driver. Until now the manipulation of the tachograph was considered a very serious administrative infraction punished with a fine for the company and with a fine and withdrawal of 6 points for the driver.

A security element for users and drivers

However, from a recent Supreme Court ruling, this act will become a criminal offense. The penalties may amount to three years in jail and it will be considered as a crime of falsehood in an official document. From the Road Safety Prosecutor’s Office an Instruction has been sent to all the Civil Guard traffic headquarters and to the different regional police to intensify the controls and investigate the drivers (and, where appropriate, also their companies) that adulterate the tachograph of the vehicle, urging, if appropriate, criminal cases against them.


It should be noted and remembered that the Chapín Group buses have intelligent tachograph, essential element for everyone’s safety.


Inspection Plan of the Community of Madrid


In addition, the General Directorate of Transportation of the Community of Madrid has presented its Transportation Inspection Plan for 2020. It is an indispensable element for the proper functioning of the sector, measure that greatly contributes to the elimination of behaviours that distort the market. New technologies are going to be incorporated into the inspection action in order to increase its quality and efficiency. In addition to the license plate readers in motion, the Transportation Inspection Area has been equipped with tools and software that allow companies to know, in a faster and more precise way, the performance of the companies, in relation to the driving and rest times of its drivers.


The tachograph is impenetrable

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The tachograph is impenetrable

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