Adaptaded 54 seats bus

April 27 2015

If you need adapted buses, with accessibility for all, you can choose this option.


  • Security belts on every seat.
  • ABS, ASR, ESP.
  • Electric auxiliary brake or retarder.
  • R.D. 443/2001, on Lt. School and child transportation.
  • Anti-roll hoops.
  • Emergency exits in doors and windows.
  • Anti-slippery floor.
  • Retaining system for wheelchairs that supports the tensile, torsion and flexion efforts to which they can be exposed, as well as the movements of transfering and rotation.
  • This system allows the transport of the chair and its users are facing the front of the vehicle.
  • Two anchor points for each wheelchair.
  • Lifting platforms that only work when the vehicle is completely stopped.
  • Loading capacity of the platform exceeding 300 kg.
  • Platforms equipped with safety step device.
  • Manual operation safety control.
  • Vehicle door with automatic step that reduces the distance between the first step of the vehicle and the ground.
  • Sensitivity valves in the side doors, which in the case of encountering an obstacle when they are closing, would retract automatically.
  • Lighting system both exterior and exterior.


  • CD and DVD.
  • Temperature control.
  • High quality reclining seats.
  • Preheater.
  • Fridge.
  • Individual reading light.
  • Luminous sign front with customer’s name.
  • Double tinted windows Climalit.

Comfort Options

  • Hostess or Monitor Service.
  • Reclining leather seats.
  • Game or work tables.
  • WIFI.
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