Having transportation in your company gives you quality of life

May 08 2019
Tener transporte en tu empresa te aporta calidad de vida

Having transportation in your company gives you quality of life

Ending with the culture of the car is among the proposals of Madrid of the XXI century. Eliminating almost two and a half million cars per day in the city. Currently, most of the trips are related to the transfers to our workplace.

In Chapín Group we are convinced that the transportation services for workers, which is increasing day by day in Madrid, offers a great contribution to the quality of life for all of its users, which is why we strive to get as far as possible. But not only is it a benefit for workers´life quality, but it is also a clear benefit for companies.

Benefits that provide a better quality of life

Having a route that takes you and brings you to your work place will reduce your stress, which in itself is a benefit for your health. Avoiding traffic jams and congestion while behind the wheel, one day after the other will also make you feel more relaxed during your journeys, arriving both at work and at home, in a different mood compared to what you used to experience before enjoying a transportation route for employees.

Not only do you have a better quality time during your travels, as you can dedicate this time to other activities, but the transport for workers reduces the number of accidents on the road, in addition to reducing maintenance costs and fuel in your car.

I addition, using transport for your workers has direct and very positive consequences on the society overall, in the city of Madrid, since it reduces traffic jams, pollution and, of course, energy consumption, on top of allowing accessibility to all people.

At this precise moment in time, there is no doubt that companies deciding to provide transportation for their workers are increasing their level of commitment with the society. Bridging the culture of the car is in everyone’s hands. Betting on a society concerned about the environment and the health of workers is also in the hands of important companies.