Traveling to Plasenzuela Grupo Chapín’s Bus

May 30 2019
Viajamos a Plasenzuela

We go to Plasenzuela with the Chapín group´s bus. Take the backpacks we are going to Plasenzuela today!

We go to the province of Cáceres, a Spanish municipality not far from the city of Plasenzuela. It is part of the district of Trujillo and is part of the integral association of Sierra de Montánchez and Tamuja.

Laying on a flat land, this cities also have some rising hills. Some have archaeological vestiges dating back to the Neolithic and Bronze Age, such as the hill of Horca where paintings and rock carvings were also found, the Fortín de los Castillejos and Cuevas del Castrejón. The necropolis of Romazal has remaining of the Iron Age, El Guijo and several mines are made of Roman elements

On the belt way, in a small walled enclosure, lays the Cruz del Humilladero, religious monument of great artistic value fulfilling a function of religious feast. It has a quadrangular base with four steps, a four meters’ high building, an ionic capital and the cross, where you can see the image of Christ crucified behind the Virgin Mary.

Walking through the Plaza de la Iglesia, we find a monument dedicated to work. A sculpture represented by a sowing peasant, a lady carrying a basket full of books, one of them being the Constitution, and a girl. This sculpture belongs to Diego Garrido and was inaugurated in 1988.

Walking down the village main square, we will find next to the church the Lions Fountain, a reference of the municipality. Once on the square, we can see the Rollo de Plasenzuela, built by Juan de Vargas in the middle of the 16th century. It has a circular base with three bars, a cylindrical granite shaft and a four-headed capital. These four zoomorphic heads have open mouths, one sees the tongue and the teeth, as well as their big eyes which look at the four cardinal points. It is said that it can reflect the power of the lord of the village on every corner of the city and every inhabitant.

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